About HCI Health Innovation Hubs

HCI Health Innovation Hubs-‘Enhancing lives through Innovation’

The aim of HCI’S 'Health innovation hubs' is to immerse students in the world of innovation and healthcare innovation by combining scientific health care innovation practice and theory with sound business management and innovation practice to create build and understand the most innovative health care products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, policies, research and implementation.

Our HCI Health Innovation hubs are intended to immerse students and equip them to use sound theory and practice to formulate new healthcare innovations that will lead the world in advancement of healthcare and patient care.

Our hubs are much more than think tanks. Instead world leading entrepreneurs and strategists will mentor students and attendees to start up, scale up and accelerate the best ideas for now and for the future.

Our Hubs will be a bridge between the best minds in academia, industry and public and private health care.


To become a global provider of healthcare education and research


Create jobs, improve lives


Health education and global well-being


Jobs are the primary source of wealth that sustains individuals and families; the building blocks of society. Creating a supportive organisation entails an emphasis on staff training and development, family support, career growth and the provision of lifelong opportunities for career progression through organisational growth.

The provision of quality educational outcomes is also fundamental to supporting the personal and career development of students and graduates. The world is increasingly globalised and interconnected; thus, education must transcend boarders and address changes in students’ needs in response to global trends as well as local developments.

Linking and partnering with educational institutions and organisations that share HCI’s global aspirations and are aligned with this philosophy is key to making that mission a reality.

That same philosophy is manifest in HCI’s core values: Innovation, Caring and Excellence.



By adapting to a global world and making use of new technology as it becomes available, Health Careers is able to grow and thrive in times that less adaptable organisations consider adverse. By doing this, we build career opportunities and deliver unique learning opportunities to employees and students.


Improving lives takes time. HCI builds ongoing, lasting relationships with its students and employees. Once you join the organisation you are a member of the HCI community and HCI has a stake in your future. In an age of disposable employees, HCI dares to be different and treat you as a person, not just a number.


For the Health Careers mission to succeed, we strive continually to improve standards and practices in the pursuit of excellence. While competitors do the minimum needed to meet requirements, HCI strives to add value and foster genuine quality in the experience provided to employees and students.