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HCI Innovation Hubs leading the globe in innovative approaches to health care and patient care

The aim of our 'Health innovation hubs'' is to immerse students in the world of innovation and healthcare innovation by combining scientific health care innovation practice and theory with sound business management and innovation practice and theory to create build and understand the most innovative health care products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, policies, research and implementation.

Our Health Innovation hubs are intended to immerse students and equip them to use sound theory and practice to formulate new healthcare innovations that will lead the world in advancement of healthcare and patient care.

The specific types of training and immersion to be delivered in the hubs is intended to include:

  • Understanding and competency in principles of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture creation, commercialization of research.
  • Understanding of healthcare innovation past present and future trends.
  • Competency and understanding of breakthrough technologies in healthcare
  • Understanding of interrelationship between innovation and start-up creation and healthcare advancement and disease management and cure.
  • Competency and understanding of individualised medicine and treatments and most innovative methods to prevent and cure disease and medical ailments-medical conditions
  • Understanding of current research and inventions relating to medicine, healthcare and human health and how current body of knowledge can lead to innovation and additionally an analysis of the gaps in current healthcare knowledge and practice can lead to exciting and needed healthcare innovation.
  • Start up, Scale up and acceleration programs with relation to the health care industry.